Our consultancy service includes:
1. Initial Drawing Review:
We will carry out a desktop review of initial design information.
2. Initial Stage Report:
Following our initial drawing review, we will formulate and issue an initial stage report setting out our observations and associated drawing mark-ups in relation to compliance with Building Regulations parts B1-B5.
We will also highlight supplementary risks such as in-progress Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities public consultations and forthcoming design guidance changes.
3. Client and Design Team Briefing:
We will meet the client and design team to provide a brief on our initial stage report. This meeting is aimed at providing clarity on the key design risks and discussion of options for bringing the proposals into code compliance. The initial stage report, together with the design team briefing will allow the Architect to formulate a set of working fire strategy plans.
4. Fire Strategy Report:
We will formulate and issue a fire strategy report based on the developed information resulting from the initial drawing review, stage report and briefing.
The report will detail the design requirements to satisfy Building Regulations parts B1-B5.
5. Fire Strategy Development:
Recognising that the fire strategy proposals may not be fully developed at this point, we will continue to work with the design team in refining the proposals to a stage where statutory approvals can be sought.
6. Design Team Meetings:
We will attend specific time slots within design team meetings to discuss fire strategy development.
7. Statutory Approval Submission:
We will provide a review of the combined fire strategy information ahead of submission to the Building Control Body (BCB) to ensure correctness and currency.
8. Statutory Approvals:
Once received, we will interpret the feedback from the Local Authority or Approved Inspector (soon to be Registered Building Control Approver) and provide a briefing to the client and design team.
We will also interpret the separate Fire Authority statutory consultation feedback and brief the client and design team.
If directed by the client, we will provide support with further submissions to the statutory authorities to achieve project fire strategy design approval.


Our Fire Safety Consultancy service does not include:

• Production of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models
• Production of detailed specifications
• Checking drawings and specifications produced by others
• Verifying individual products, materials or components to determine suitability beyond declared and tested performance information